The Effortless In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Comparing Traditional IVF to Effortless IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most popular forms of assisted reproductive technology, and our office focuses exclusively on one type of IVF treatment that uses a medical device called INVOcell™. When comparing traditional IVF vs. INVO™ treatments using INVOcell™, we have found that INVO™ offers patients the same high success rates. at a fraction of the cost, with fewer doctor visits. If you have been considering fertility treatment and would like to learn more about the benefits offered by Effortless IVF, please contact us today.

The Traditional IVF Procedure

When it is time to trigger ovulation, the female patient will be given medication designed to stimulate final maturation and release of the eggs. Timing is critical because the eggs must be retrieved just prior to ovulation. Approximately 36 hours after the trigger medication has been administered, the eggs will be retrieved and prepared for the fertilization process.

The fertilization process occurs in the laboratory where an embryologist mixes healthy sperm and eggs and places them in an incubator. Over the next five days, the incubators and developing embryos are monitored. When the embryos are ready, the transfer procedure is performed to place the embryos in the uterus.

The Effortless IVF Advantage

The patient's health, age, and weight determines her dosage of medication, and no adjustments are made during treatment. This reduces the amount of medications needed, as well as the costs associated with them.

Unlike traditional IVF, which requires several sonograms and monitoring appointments, the simplified system we use relies on no blood work and a single sonogram taken on the 10th day of the cycle. This sonogram will determine the patient's trigger day and when the retrieval will take place.

Once the eggs are harvested, we are able to bypasses the need for expensive lab work with a new device called an INVOcell™. The healthy sperm and eggs are put inside the INVOcell™, and the cylinder is placed inside the patient's vagina. This "natural incubator" provides the appropriate conditions for the developing embryo over the next five days. When the embryos have reached the proper stage, they will be transferred from the INVOcell™ device to the uterus.

By eliminating the need for expensive lab work, incubators, monitoring personnel, doctor's appointments, diagnostic imaging, and medications, we are able to offer IVF treatments to our patients at a significantly reduced cost in terms of time and money, while still maintaining the excellent success rates associated with traditional IVF.

Precycle evaluation

Effortless IVF Pre-cycle Evaluation Diagnostic Testing

When patients decide to undergo an INVO™ cycle at Effortless IVF, there are a number of tests that need to be performed to ensure the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. We will check hormone levels and assess your overall health before we begin planning the next phase of treatment. When you come in for your pre-cycle evaluation, we will perform any diagnostic testing that is needed and thoroughly explain the entire course of treatment to you.

Pre-Cycle Testing Requirements

When you come into our office for your pre-cycle evaluation, we will perform all of the necessary testing prior to beginning your treatment:

  • Anti-müllerian hormone (AMH) - We will need two tests within the last six months to check the level of AMH in your blood. AMH levels are used to determine the size of the remaining egg supply.
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) - Patients under the age of 35 may need to have this test done within the last 12 months, and patients over that age will need to have one in the last six months before beginning treatment. In an HSG test, contrast dye is injected into the female reproductive tract and X-rays are taken so doctors can visualize any blockages or other problems in the uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • Hysteroscopy - Patients under the age of 35 may need to have this test done within the last 12 months, and patients over that age will need to have one in the last six months. This test is used to obtain images of the lining of the uterus and identify any abnormalities.
  • Pelvic Sonogram - This test can identify any abnormalities affecting the ovaries and uterus, as well as determine the size, shape, and position of the pelvic organs.
  • Semen Analysis - This test provides an accurate measurement of the number of sperm, motility, size, shape, volume, and consistency of the donor sample.

A Focus on Effortless IVF

Our office focuses exclusively on the INVO™ treatment and only offers services that relate to that. We do not offer any general OB/GYN or emergency services at our facility. Our patients continue to see their regular primary care physicians while undergoing treatment.

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Requirements for Ideal Effortless IVF Candidates

Patients that are searching for fertility treatment solutions often suffer from "sticker shock" when they learn about the time and financial costs associated with assisted reproductive technologies (ART). High prices and extensive time requirements can discourage people from seeking reproductive help. By circumventing most of the laboratory steps associated with traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, INVO™ from INVO™ Bioscience, Inc., allows us to offer a new, low-cost, and less time-consuming alternative. Many patients who qualify for traditional IVF treatments are also candidates for our program.
To have your best chance at success with INVOcell the following are reviewed.

  • Age (39 or less)
  • BMI (36 or less)
  • AFC between 6 and 18
  • AMH between 0.6 and 3.1 ng/ml
  • Normal uterine cavity (no concerning fibroids, polyps, non-surgical hydrosalpinges)

The Effortless IVF Difference

Effortless IVF is made possible by a revolutionary new medical device called INVOcell™. INVOcell™ is a small cylindrical device that allows us to bypass the laboratory incubation period and other expensive elements of traditional IVF treatments. After the woman's eggs are harvested, they are mixed with the sperm in the INVOcell™ cylinder and placed inside the prospective mother's vagina, providing the natural conditions for incubation. After the five-day incubation period, the embryo will be transferred to the woman's uterus. By allowing the embryos to incubate in the woman's body rather than a lab, we are able to bring down the cost when compared to traditional IVF.

Candidacy for Effortless IVF

We offer a low-cost, less time-consuming, more efficient method of IVF treatment. Many of the same people who are candidates for traditional IVF are also candidates for INVO™ at Effortless IVF. Our aim is to make IVF treatments available for patients who might have otherwise been prohibited because of financial, geographical, or time constraints. Because of its simplicity, this new method can provide patients who do not live near a fertility center with the opportunity to undergo IVF treatment.

As with traditional IVF treatment, INVO™ may be beneficial for males with low sperm count, low sperm motility, and a high percentage of abnormally shaped sperm. Women who have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes that might prevent the eggs from passing through to the uterus can benefit from this treatment.

Some patients aren't good candidates for an INVO™ cycle at Effortless IVF, including those suffering from severe male factor infertility and women with high levels of anti-müllerian hormone (AMH). Patients with an elevated AMH level typically require constant, expensive monitoring. Because the goal of Effortless IVF is to provide patients with a low-cost and less time-consuming method of treatment, these patients may be better candidates for a different type of ART.

Our office is dedicated exclusively to offering services that relate to conducting an INVO™ cycle. We do not offer preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), or embryo biopsy in conjunction with treatment. Patients will need to see their regular OB/GYN for all other services associated with their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Rates

Effortless IVF Success Rates Offer Patients Greater Value

Patients who are considering an INVO™ treatment may have questions about the effectiveness of the procedure. In studies, we have found that incubation with INVOcell™ produces similar birth rates to traditional IVF.

Because an INVO™ cycle at Effortless IVF costs much less, requires fewer visits to the doctor's office, and has a similar level of effectiveness, it is an excellent alternative to traditional IVF. If you would like to learn more about the INVO™ procedure or the success rates that it offers, please book your orientation here.

Factors Affecting Success Rates

There are many factors that affect individual success rates for fertility treatments. The age of the prospective mother can greatly influence the chances of successful pregnancy in any IVF treatment. For example, women under the age of 35 will typically have a greater success rate than women over 40. The woman's age is related to the quality and number of eggs that she produces, which can also affect her chances of pregnancy.

The health of the patient may also affect IVF outcomes. For example, couples who eat right, exercise regularly, are non-smokers, and abstain from alcohol and drugs may experience better success rates than those who don't.

In addition to these aspects of infertility, the doctors and treatment facility that performs your procedure can affect your chances of becoming pregnant. We have a reputable team with the requisite training and experience to perform your INVO™ procedure. Through the use of the latest technology and our commitment to ongoing learning, we are able to stay a step ahead of our competition in terms of what we can offer to our patients.

Individual Success Rates

Since the patient's age, the patient's health, the underlying cause of fertility, and the doctor who performs treatment all affect IVF outcomes, it is difficult to predict an individual's chances of a successful pregnancy. In many cases, traditional IVF patients will need to go through multiple IVF treatment cycles before pregnancy occurs. The cost and time constraints associated with traditional procedures, multiplied by the number of cycles needed to achieve pregnancy, are often discouraging factors for many patients. What we aim to do is to put the cost of IVF treatment within the reach of more people than ever before.

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Our office focuses exclusively on INVO™ treatment, and we only offer services that are directly related to that type of treatment cycle please visit the Services section of our website for a breakdown of costs.

The Cost Saving Advantage of Effortless IVF

In a traditional IVF cycle, some of the most expensive factors are the laboratory costs. After joining the sperm and eggs, the developing embryo is placed inside an incubator for three to five days. These incubators are expensive machines and require constant monitoring and recalibration to maintain the appropriate levels of temperature, pH, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. INVOcell™ replaces the need for these incubators, allowing us to offer treatment at a much lower price than ever before.

Our simplified system also reduces the amount of fertility medication that is needed to produce eggs. By administering a dosage that is based on the patient's weight, we are able to cut even more of the expense out of treatment. Finally, we only require one sonogram (as opposed to three or four sonograms), which further reduces price and time constraints.

Our goal is to make fertility treatment available to patients who might otherwise have been discouraged because of time and financial requirements. Because IVF procedures often require more than one cycle, the costs can multiply quickly. Our new system offers the same great success rates at a fraction of the cost.

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Our new procedure is going to put the cost of fertility treatment within the reach of more people than ever before. If you would like to learn more about the INVO™ procedure or how Effortless IVF can benefit you, please chat with our Nurse Coordinator via the chat function on the lower right hand side of our website.


INVOcell™: Making Effortless IVF Possible

We have seen many patients that would like to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, but the time and financial requirements of the procedure can be prohibitive. With the development of INVOcell™, we are able to greatly reduce the cost of treatment by eliminating significant proportion of traditional lab costs. INVOcell™ allows the incubation period of IVF treatment to take place inside the prospective mother, rather than in a lab. If you have been considering fertility treatments but have held back because of financial constraints, please chat with our Nurse Coordinator via the chat function on the lower right hand side of our website.

About INVOcell™

INVOcell™ is a cylindrical piece of equipment made from polystyrene that is about 4 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. To protect it from bacteria, the small capsule consists of two concentric chambers. It is designed to replace the need for incubators in a traditional IVF treatment cycle. In traditional IVF, the woman's eggs are harvested and fertilized in a laboratory and incubated for five days before being transferred to the patient's uterus. With INVOcell™ the eggs and sperm are placed in the inner chamber of the capsule. The capsule is then inserted into the vagina for the incubation period. This allows us to bypass the traditionally expensive IVF incubators and use the woman's own body to provide the necessary conditions of temperature, pH balance, and oxygen ratios that will encourage fertilization. After the five-day incubation period, INVOcell™ is removed, and the healthiest embryos are transferred to the uterus.

With this approach and device, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of IVF treatment. The IVF incubators that are used in traditional treatment plans are costly and complex machines that require constant management and calibration to maintain the appropriate conditions. Because these machines can malfunction, laboratories need to have specialists monitoring the progress embryos and testing for optimal conditions constantly. By cutting out these lab costs, we are able to provide patients with an alternative IVF treatment that simplifies the process in terms of time and financial requirements.

In addition to taking laboratory costs out of the equation, INVOcell™ can also greatly reduce the amount of time spent at the fertility treatment center for monitoring appointments. In traditional IVF treatment cycles, prospective mothers must attend several appointments to have blood drawn, check hormone levels, adjust medication dosages, and undergo sonograms. The process is now simplified by eliminating the need for all of these extra appointments. An INVO™ cycle at Effortless IVF does not require daily changes to medication dosages daily, and we only require one sonogram to determine the ovulation trigger day.

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