Intake Administration


The $500 intake administration fee is non-refundable. The intake administration fee is not included in the full cost per cycle of $6,500 (which includes cycle medication) should you elect to move forward with treatment.


Effortless IVF Cycle

$6,500 including meds (additional costs may apply)

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) excludes medication

A frozen embryo transfer (FET) is a procedure where embryos that were cryogenically stored (frozen) from a previous IVF or donor egg cycle are thawed and transferred to a uterus as part of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.

After the lab development of the embryos for 1-6 days, cryopreservation times range from days up to several years, hormonal treatments to prepare the uterine lining to receive the embryo, and thawing of the preserved embryo is followed by transfer to the uterus.

Embryo freeze and first year storage:

If you have excess embryo’s after the fresh transfer and would like to keep them for another cycle you will be required to pay the fee to do so. *The first year of storage is covered in this initial cost as well. Every year after that you will be invoiced for another year at the yearly fee price listed. ($300)

*If you come on your transfer day and your endometrial lining is not sufficient you will need to freeze all embryo’s and come back for a frozen transfer. The fee will be required at that time.

** Antagonist patients are automatically freezing their embryo’s and required to pay the freeze fee.

Anti Müllerine Hormone Test

Anti-Müllerian Hormone, or 'AMH' as it is often called, is a hormone which is given off by developing follicles, which are egg sacs containing immature eggs. By measuring this with a blood test, it gives an idea of the state of ovarian reserve and how many eggs are left in the ovaries.

Harmony Test

The Harmony® prenatal test is a type of NIPT, which can also be called NIPS (non-invasive prenatal screening). It looks at fragments of your baby's DNA in your blood to provide accurate information about the likelihood for the most common chromosomal conditions as early as 10 weeks. It can also identify the sex of your baby.
Harmony screens for the following conditions:

  • Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), trisomy 18 and trisomy 13
  • 22q11.2 microdeletion
  • Monosomy X
  • Sex chromosome aneuploidies (SCA)



An endometrium is receptive when it is ready for embryo implantation. This occurs around days 19-21 in each menstrual cycle of a fertile woman. This period of receptivity is what we call the window of implantation.

The ERA test requires an endometrial biopsy that should be carried out on day LH+7 (natural cycle) or day P+5 (HRT cycle). This biopsy is quickly and easily taken by a gynaecologist in their consultation room and sent to Igenomix for testing. The ERA test analyzes the expression levels of 248 genes linked to the status of endometrial receptivity, using RNA sequencing taken from the endometrial tissue.

Following the analysis, a specific computational predictor classifies the samples according to their expression profile as Receptive or Non-Receptive.

Egg Cycle (includes medication cryopreservation of eggs and first year storage)

If you are wanting to preserve your eggs for future fertility use, the vitrification process is the safest for your eggs. The process is set up just like an IVF cycle; the ovaries are stimulated to mature multiple follicles and then retrieved. Once the eggs are retrieved they are vitrified!

It is important to consider age when wanting to preserve your eggs as the quality and quantity does change. Typically, women under the age of 35 are ideal for this procedure.
There is a yearly storage fee of $200

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGD/PGS)


  • An embryo formed through in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be tested for genetic abnormalities before it is transferred into a woman’s uterus and ultimately lead to a live birth.
  • Preimplantation genetic testing can dramatically increase the odds that only an embryo free of genetic defects is implanted in the woman’s uterus, and thus improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) tests an embryo for a single, specific genetic disorder the parent(s) may be carrying, such as a cystic fibrosis or a balanced translocation or inversion.
  • Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) tests an embryo for a range of genetic disorders, such as Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), caused by chromosomal aneuploidy, meaning there is either an extra or a missing chromosome.
  • Aneuploidy accounts for approximately 71 percent of all spontaneous miscarriages and also plays a significant role in failure to achieve a pregnancy.

Advagenix Website

Satellite Monitoring

The $2500.00 is to be paid by the intended parent once a referral for satellite monitoring is received and a consent of understanding is to be signed.

What your 2500.00 includes:

Converted and organized ultrasounds per your IVF treatment center's orders.
Blood work can be booked in the clinic or requisitions filled out and provided upon patient request.

If weekends are required the on-call nurse will be able to fax reports to the referring facility. The clinic is not open for business on holidays, some requested tests may need to be moved to accommodate.

Effortless IVF does NOT monitor patients through pregnancies. Once the 7 weeks ultrasound is completed you will be discharged from our clinic

Out of Country

$500 intake fee + $750 out of country fee
If you are wanting treatment at any of our centres in Canada and are from another country you may be asked by the facility providing the investigation to pay privately. If you hold private insurance the facility can provide the invoice and you can work with your insurance company to be reimbursed. If the service is being provided by Effortless IVF we require full payment upfront. Effortless IVF does not accept partial payments.


Semen Profile

A basic semen profile evaluates a range of characteristics of the sample to determine the quality of the semen, if male-factor infertility is present or not, and how that may affect the fertility treatment moving forward. Such values assessed include sperm concentration, motility, morphology, and sperm clumping as well as volume, appearance, viscosity, and pH. The examination of the semen sample also identifies other cellular elements and debris that may be present.

Elective Sperm Freeze

The purpose of a sperm freeze is to cryopreserve a semen sample in vials for future fertility treatment use. There is no limit to the number of vials that can be frozen from a semen sample and this number is ultimately determined based on volume and sperm concentration. A semen profile is mandatory with an elective sperm freeze to determine the sample quality prior to cryopreservation. The first year of storage is included in this cost.

Semen Profile – Retrograde

A retrograde semen profile prepares and evaluates a semen sample produced by retrograde ejaculation – a condition caused by certain medications or nerve damage. The values assessed are the same as a semen profile but includes the extra process of collecting the sperm from the urine.

Antisperm Antibody Testing

Antisperm antibody testing is another test that can be performed when determining male-factor infertility and would be requested by the reproductive endocrinologist. Antisperm antibodies are implicated in immunological infertility and this test determines the presence of such antibodies using immunobeads.

Annual Cryopreservation Storage

This fee covers one year of storage for cryopreserved semen, eggs, and embryos.


Fees are due at time of service

Fees are due at time of service. Some fees may be subject to refund as per Effortless IVF policy if cycles are cancelled for medically necessary reasons. If there is a discrepancy between fees listed on this website and our point of sale system at Effortless IVF the internal system will be deemed correct. Refunds for payments made directly at Effortless IVF will be processed either by refund on our Point of Sale System or by cheque depending on how payment was collected.