The Center for Assisted Reproduction features INVOcell on KFAA-TV (Dallas) Good Morning Texas

BEDFORD, Texas and MEDFORD, Mass., May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- INVO Bioscience, Inc. (IVOB), a medical device company granted FDA clearance for the first Intravaginal Culture System, INVOcell™, today announced that Dr. Kevin Doody, MD and Dr. Kathleen Doody, MD, founders of The Center for Assisted Reproduction (Care Fertility), discussed the advantages of their "Effortless IVF" process and the prominent role of INVOcell in the process. They were guests on Good Morning Texas on Dallas' KFAA-TV last week on Thursday, April 26, 2018 in recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week. Based in Bedford, Texas, The Center for Assisted Reproduction has been a pioneer of assisted reproductive technologies in the north Texas region.

Dr. Kevin Doody, said, "Our Effortless IVF program is different in a number of ways from traditional ("in-vitro fertilization") IVF programs. It's more accessible; it's more affordable; and more natural. Normally with traditional IVF there would be numerous office visits and blood draws leading up to egg retrieval and significantly driving up costs. In our Effortless IVF program, we combine the INVOcell technology with a streamlined monitoring approach which reduces the office visits to a fraction of what they are with traditional IVF; making it easier and more affordable – by about half the cost of conventional IVF. We believe that INVOcell opens the door to a broad new audience of couples looking to start or expand their families."

INVOcell has the ability to significantly transform the way in which doctors assist infertile patients to become pregnant in a simpler, more natural and cost-effective manner. INVOcell is a patented medical device used in the treatment of infertility that enables egg fertilization and early embryo development to take place in the woman's body, in vivo. The simplistic INVO can be easily performed in an appropriately trained physician's office without the need for expensive overhead.

"We have seen many patients who would like to undergo IVF treatment, but the time and financial requirements of the procedure can be prohibitive," commented Dr. Kathleen Doody. "With the development of the new INVOcell device, we are able to greatly reduce the cost of treatment by virtually eliminating all lab costs. The INVOcell device is a new product that allows the incubation period of IVF treatment to take place inside the prospective mother, rather than in a lab."

On the best candidates for Effortless IVF, Dr. Kathleen Doody, concluded, "While age is always an independent predictor of success – younger women having the higher pregnancy rates - we've had success with women into their 40s with Effortless IVF."

Care Fertility is conducting a drawing for a complementary Effortless IVF treatment cycle for a qualified couple. It includes the initial evaluation from the Care Fertility staff, the medications used to stimulate the ovaries, and the Effortless IVF cycle itself. Those wishing to enter the drawing can do so at The winner will be announced on May 5, 2018.

The full interview can be seen at: HERE