Effortless IVF and Optimum Egg Bank have Partnered to Bring Low Cost Donor Eggs to Canada!

Who needs donor eggs?

For some, our INVO™ treatment or even a full IVF cycle may not be the appropriate treatment option. After a consultation with our physician, donor eggs may be considered in the following situations:

  • premature ovarian failure;

  • diminished ovarian reserve;

  • the possibility of a genetic disease being transmitted with one’s own eggs;

  • single males or same sex couples looking to conceive.

Why does egg donation law in Canada limit access?

In Canada, laws govern and significantly limit egg donation. Specifically, it is not legal to pay an egg donor or pay for donated eggs in Canada, therefore the act of egg donation must be altruistic. The law currently does not allow any renumeration for time and associated risk. As a result, Canadian donor eggs are extremely difficult to find.

One alternative is to source donor eggs from an egg bank outside Canada. It is completely legal to import donor eggs from an egg bank outside the country.

Can I secure eggs from outside of Canada?

Effortless IVF has partnered with Optimum Egg Bank who can ship donor eggs to our centre for continued cycle planning. Patients can contact Optimum Egg Bank directly to learn more.

Are egg donors fully compliant with Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act?

All egg donors undergo a strict screening regiment including psychological, genetic, and medical screening and are fully compliant with Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act’s guidelines for screening and consent.

What is the advantage of securing eggs through Optimum Egg Bank?

  • Free Shipping - All patients of Effortless IVF receive free shipping from Optimum Egg Bank, a $1200 value;

  • Best Value – 30% - 40% more affordable than any other egg bank in North America;

  • Available Financing – Finance the cost of Optimum donor eggs through Medicard;

  • Best Guarantee – Triple Guarantee;

  • Full Compliance – All donor eggs are fully compliant with Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act;

  • Genetic Carrier Screening – Expanded genetic carrier screening for all donors

  • Immediate Availability - All eggs are available for immediate shipment to Effortless IVF.

To learn more about using donor eggs for your next fertility treatment, contact Effortless IVF or Optimum Egg Bank now.